In our modern life, the word "jacquard" is widely used in various textile products around us, such as fashion and interior fabrics, but it is probably recognized as a woven complex pattern. , It will be difficult to know its meaning and understand its structure.


The jacquard is a paper weaving device invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. In the same year, his jacquard loom was announced at the Paris Industrial Exhibition, and its potential was immediately recognized.


Its roots are in Chinese air-pulling machines, and in the 6th century, weaving machines and techniques were introduced to Japan along with beautiful silk-patterned fabrics. From China to the Silk Road westward, the sericulture and weaving techniques that were introduced to Europe, and the transition of looms led to Jacquard. Furthermore, this idea of the binary system of the crest paper is connected to the computer, which is said to be the prototype of the current computer. Nowadays, computers are used instead of crest paper, and digital technologies such as photography are also used for jacquard weaving.


 With the widespread use of computers and the development of dedicated application software today, expression activities in creation are spreading not only in industry but also in the world of art using jacquard machines linked with hand looms.




Source: Mitsuko Akutsu