New expression by jacquard (2)

In the woven structure chart, the warp is black and the weft is white. Information processing (whether or not to raise the warp) of a jacquard machine that has a pattern,,,

Bauhaus textile workshop

In 1919, Bauhaus was founded as a national school of art in Weimar, a provincial city in Thuringia, Germany, at a time when World,,, 

From SORAHIKIBATA to jacquard

The jacquard is a paper weaving device invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. In the same year, his jacquard loom was announced at the Paris Industrial Exhibition,,,

Cross the thread

 Humans spun yarn to create woven fabrics 5000 BC, but looking at the Bronze Age men's clothing (collected by the National Museum of Art, Copenhagen) excavated in,,  

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Kyoto Nishijin, which introduced jacquard machines from France in the Meiji era, has a long history and is located in the western center of the machine shop as a textile,,,

Introduced jacquard loom to Japan

What was the history of the air-drawing machine that went from China to Japan? After the transfer of capital, the air-pulling machine that had already been handed over,, 

Propagation of crest fabric

The development of Chinese silk and the development of sericulture and silk-reeling technology were indispensable for the method of creating patterns by manipulating, 

Annii Albers

Anni Albers (1899-1994) is one of the most notable female artists, along with Gunta Sterzl, who became the first female meister at the textile studio of the German modeling,,

Jacquard loom and computer

Jacquard looms played an important role in the development of early programmed machines. The loom, invented by Jakar, traveled to England in the 1810s and was,,, 

Ingenuity to weave patterns, crest fabric

Various decoration techniques have been developed by the development of dyeing technology along with weaving technology, but in cold Europe,,,